River Valley Transit seeks proposals for projects and will list specific requests here.

Bus Shelter and Solar Lighting Project 01/25/2023

Bus Shelter

Proposal Submission Deadline: February 10, 2023
Question Submission Deadline: February 7, 2023

River Valley Transit Authority (known henceforth as “RVTA”) invites and welcomes Proposals for their Bus Shelter addition and Solar Lighting upgrade project. Please take a moment to read and become familiar with the proposal requirements. All proposals submitted for consideration must be received by the time specified above under the “Proposal Submission Deadline.”


Download RFP document; River Valley Transit Authority Shelter RFP 012523


If you need additional information please contact;

Chris Clark
Fleet Manager
River Valley Transit Authority
570-326-2500, ext. 300 (office)
570-220-2505 (cell)