After more than 50 years operating as “Williamsport Bureau of Transportation” under the direction of the City of Williamsport, local public transportation transitioned to River Valley Transit Authority on July 1, 2022. Most notably an authority is managed by an oil-new elected board of directors, a shift away from a City administered operation.

As a result of recommendations at the State and Federal level, the City of Williamsport ultimately created a new stand-alone authority to manage the transit system operations. on May 17, 2022 the inaugural board meeting was held for the new authority making fiscal year 22-23 o monumental year in local transit history.

In addition to providing public transit, River Valley Transit continued a 10-plus year management relationship with the Endless Mountains Transportation Authority and also completed a 26th year of providing management assistance to the Williamsport Parking Authority.

Fiscal year 2023 ushered renewed vision and a new beginning for local public transportation. With strategic planning and sound analysis of RVTA’s current operation a priority, we will continue to provide safe, reliable and efficient transportation in the present and future for the communities throughout Lycoming County.

RVTA Statistics
Statistic Value
Ridership 774,502 Riders
Free and Advertising Revenue $970,227
Token Transit Fares Collected $20,502
Token Transit Passes Sold 3,935
Diesel Used 27,475 Gallons
CNG Used 217,370 Gallon equivalents used
Alternate Fuel Savings $500,000+
Operating Budget $9,500,000
Employees 81
Lycoming and Clinton Counties 25 Routes
Active Fleet Vehicles 40 (39 ADA Acessible)

For the complete report you may download the PDF;  RVTA Annual Report – 2023