Effective Saturday, February 19, 2022 the Jersey Shore bus route changes and no longer travels on School Road or on Cemetery Street. The bus will remain on Locust Street and continue to South Broad Street and follow the route as regularly scheduled. The route has been shortened because of congestion in the neighborhood. Removing some turns from the route will also help bus operators to maintain on time stops.

There are new stops for riders located at the corner of Locust and Wilson Streets and at the corner of Locust and Broad Streets. The stops on School Road and Cemetery Street have seen small passenger boarding and alighting and signs will be placed redirecting riders to the new nearby stops on Locust Street.

Please contact River Valley Transit at 570-326-2500 for more information. Changes can also be located on the smart phone application “MyRide” and on the schedules page of www.rideRVT.com.

New route is highlighted in yellow.