River Valley Transit Authority  

Meeting Minutes

September 20, 2022

Members Present:  Noah Bower, Max Moore, Chuck Crews Richard Staiman and Trisha Marty.

Administration Present:  Adam Winder, Todd Wright, Nicole Farr, Bethany Jones and Renee Smith.

Others:  Jill Nagy with Summers Nagy Law Firm (via Zoom), Ray Johnson, Garry Phillips and Chris Clark.

Mr. Bower called the meeting to order at 5:29

Item # 1:  Approval of August 16, 2022 meeting minutes:

Mrs. Marty made a motion to accept the minutes as presented, seconded by Mr. Moore, with all ayes the motion carried.

Item # 2:  Resolution #2022-030 – Approving the purchase of two (2) Dodge Ram pickup trucks from Hondru Dodge:

Mr. Winder stated that this is a resolution to purchase two (2) Dodge Ram pickup trucks with snow plows from Hondru Dodge.  This was previously emailed to all board members for an email vote and this is just to solidify that vote.

This purchase will be made using the monies allocated in the 2021/2022 CCA with a 4% Local match being applied as well.   

Mr. Moore made a positive motion to approve this resolution, seconded by Mr. Crews, with all ayes the motion carried. 

Item # 3:  Resolution #2022-031 – Approving the purchase of two (2) Chevrolet trucks (a service truck and a dump body) from Blaise Alexander Chevrolet:

Mr. Winder stated that this is a resolution to purchase two (2) Chevrolet pickup trucks, one being a service truck to assist the maintenance and the other a dump body style truck, also to assist the maintenance department to help with vehicle breakdowns.  This was also emailed out to the board and to solidify the vote. 

This was also previously approved in the 2021/2022 CCA with a 4% Local match to be applied as well. 

The reason for purchase is that if we did not get these trucks now (they are on site at the dealerships) we would not be able to get any other until at least 2024, due to the demand and back log at dealerships.

Mr. Staiman asked for the reasoning behind the dump truck?  Mr. Winder indicated that it will assist the maintenance department with landscaping/snow removal needs as well as assist in the hauling of large items (i.e., scrap metal, tires, mulch etc.).

Mr. Crews asked if it was better to lease?  Mr. Winder stated that we are unable to lease the vehicles, due to the state setting the life expediency of said vehicles and they are funding this through our CCA’s. 

Mr. Crews made a positive motion for approval, seconded by Mr. Moore, with all ayes the motion carried.

Item # 4:  Memorandum of Understanding – Between RVTA and ATU, Local 1496:

Mr. Winder stated that a couple of years ago the AFSCME union had approached some employees about joining their union.  Long story short, the ATU said that those employees work in transit, so therefore the employees voted to join the ATU union.  At that time the Finance department was not part of the contract.  Since then, positions have been added for said employees, if they in fact wanted to join the union.  Any benefit would be that of Union representation.  The employees also have to pay Union dues.

Mrs. Marty made a positive motion to approve this MOU, seconded by Mr. Moore, with all ayes the motion carried.

Item # 5:  Updates on RVTA Financial Report and RVTA Ridership Report: 

Financial – Mrs. Farr gave the board a comprehensive breakdown of all finances and reviewed each status accordingly with the board.  Mrs. Farr also stated that we have drawdown from the line of credit to cover payroll and insurance costs.  The state should be reimbursing us this week or the beginning of October.  Ms. Nagy stated that this is customary for delays as this.

Ridership – Mr. Wright reviewed the ridership reports with the board and went over the report on the “Revenue per hour” and “Cost per Passenger” information.

Mr. Wright stated that he will be starting on the 2022-2023 Local Match’s  with the surrounding municipalities this week.

Mr. Crews made a positive motion to accept the financial report as submitted, seconded by Mr. Moore, with all ayes the motion carried.

Item # 6:  New Business:

  • Intergovernmental Vehicle Release – 2002 Chevy 3500
  • Letter of Disposition

Mr. Winder reviewed the vehicle release and stated that this vehicle has more than met its useful life and therefore we request to release this vehicle to the Streets and Parks Department for the City of Williamsport.  Both RVTA and the Streets department work very well together and help each out as needed and they are in dire straights for vehicles.  This would benefit them as if we were to place this in Public Surplus, I’m not sure if we would even be able to get rid of it.  Mr. Clark stated that it has electrical issues and severe manifold/exhaust leaks etc.  The current liftgate that is on the truck will be installed on one of the new trucks.

Mr. Staiman made a motion for recommendation, seconded by Mr. Crews, with 4 ayes and 1 opposed the motion passed.

Item # 7:  Old Business:

  • Update on Pension/Empower Information
  • Update on Health Equity

 Mr. Winder indicated that the pension is “live”.  All monies and information have been uploaded and are ready to go.  We will be meeting with each employee to make sure that everything is completed on their end (i.e., beneficiaries, contact information) is complete and correct. 

Health Equity is going good, employees seemed pleased so far with the service.  All monies are there and Mr. Johnson said that he has not heard anything from the employees on any matters pertaining to this.

Item # 8:  Public Comments:

Mr. Winder invited any RVTA board member to attend the PPTA Trainings in Harrisburg on November 15th, 16th & 17th.  RVTA Board members might find meeting with Legislators interesting, or maybe even the expo, where vendors showcase all the newest transit related items.

Mr. Staiman wanted to confirm that if someone wanted to be appointed and or re-appointed to the RVTA board, what was the order of events?  How does one go about this?  Mr. Winder indicated that said person or people need to submit a letter of interest to Mayor Slaughter and then he decides and then would take said person to City Council for approval.

Mrs. Marty made a motion to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Mr. Moore.  The meeting adjourned at 6:18pm.

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