River Valley Transit will get you to the Lycoming County Fair for 10 days!

The Fair is open July 12 – July 22 and RVT has expanded service so you can get to the fair more now than ever. Plus the first 100 riders on the Lycoming Fair Bus will free a free admission pass to the Fair! When you arrive at the Fair your bus driver will give you a pass to enter the Fair. This is the first time RVT and the Lycoming County Fair have offered a bonus that waives all fees into the Fair. Offer valid until the first 100 passes have been issued. Sorry, no rain checks. Notice, the first night, July 12, the fair is FREE ADMISSION to all people.

Daytime Service

On Saturdays between 10am and 5pm board the Lycoming Mall bus to the Lycoming Mall and transfer to the Tri-Town Connector- Muncy/Hughesville bus. Regular Fares apply. 

Nighttime Service

The EVENING EXPRESS service bus operates between 5pm and 10pm weeknights and Saturday nights! Go non-stop between Transit Drive and Gate 2 at the Fairgrounds. Regular Fares apply.

Park n Ride Option

If you want to drive to the West Third Street Parking Garage you may ask your bus driver to validate your garage parking card so you will not have to pay to park in the West Third garage.

We welcome phone calls to help you find your bus and we can be reached at 570-326-2500. We also can help you plan in person at our Trade & Transit Centre. The most helpful tip for riding the bus is to simply ask a bus driver. When you board any bus the friendly driver is able to answer questions and help you get you to your destination.